Sunday, February 24, 2013

She Is Amazing. Utterly, Amazing.

Kyra learned the Act of Contrition prayer about a month ago.  Her new nightly ritual is to say it as one of her bedtime prayers.  She clasps her hands, shuts her eyes and thinks about something she did that day that she's sorry for, announces it and waits for Lydia to come up with something for herself.  I sit and watch, completely in awe of the pious spectacle she has become, and wait for her to turn and ask me what I'm sorry for this night. 

The other night I told her I was sorry for some jealous thoughts I had.  It was several days ago, when I was still wrangling the thoughts from the last post in my head.  She, being ever quizzical, asked what they were.  So I told her.

Mommy was feeling a bit jealous that people were helping this new mom of 6 ,when I'm sure she never asked for it, and she still had her husband by her side.  I want to pray, say I'm sorry, and ask God to help me get over these feelings because I know she deserves this kind of love as much as anyone else would.

We all, Kyra, Lydia and myself, said the Act of Contrition together.

Fast forward to yesterday's lunch. 

Out of the blue, Kyra looks over, Mommy?  Remember how you were feeling jealous the other day because everyone was bringing her food and not you?
M: Yes.
K: I was thinking.  I bet it's because... You know how our house gets crazy sometimes, because we have three kids?
M: Yes.
K: I was thinking, I bet God knows that her house is even crazier with six kids.  And that's why He wants everyone to bring her food.  So she can rest while their daddy takes care of the kids and he won't have any time to cook. 
M: You know.  I bet you're exactly right. 

That girl.  She could solve all the worlds problems if people would just stop and listen to her.


  1. She is a sweetheart! Possibly the next Mother Teresa? :-)

  2. Awe... brought tears to my eyes. Precious :)