Thursday, February 21, 2013

Think Before You Act

I just signed Ruby up for the Parent and Child swim class.  I then returned home only to realize I haven't worn my bathing suit in YEARS. 

I don't know if it fits.  If it's holey.  Where I stashed it.  Or if I even still own one. 

This could be bad.  Really, really bad. 

Although, lets all hope it turns out good.  Because all I keep thinking is that I clearly was not thinking at all. 



  1. lol ... I thought that was going to go in the direction of "no daddy to watch the older girls." guess if you can't find/fit your suit, you can always go shopping. that would be fun with three little ones in tow, right? :-)

    1. Your idea of fun must be HYSTERICAL! :D

      I did ask if the big girls could sit on the pool deck and watch. And I've already given them the warning that if they act up, they loose their swim class for the day. I'm sure they'll need reminders, but I'm hoping they'll act like they have a few bits of cents. :P