Friday, February 22, 2013

Yoga Pose

Ruby is a fabulous back archer. So fabulous, in fact, I had to quit placing her in the bouncer because she could simultaneously arch her back and extend her body in such a way I frequently turned around from the stove/sink/laundry/sibling and found her with her head on the floor behind the bouncer with her feet securely hooked to the three point [keep your kid in the seat] harness.

In one of my later ultrasounds, we saw Ruby, in utero, in a perfect pike position; Forehead to knees,toes pointed, arms holding it all together, snug.  Jeremy joked, maybe she'd be a high diver when she grows up.

I still think he could be correct with his assumption.  And I wonder if Ruby is using yoga to keep herself flexible until she finds a high dive. 

You know.  After she learns to walk.

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