Monday, January 14, 2013

My Acceptance Speech

The Most Awesome Waitress of the Year Award goes to..... my most dear friend in this entire world, Joelle.  Thank you, so much, for refilling my glass.  You are, as always, The Best.  Period.

And to Karissa, for your novel letting me know you've been there, done that and honest-to-goodness, the sleep fairies really do come back. 

Also, my friend Rebecca is pretty fabulous, too.  I wish I could put her in my pocket and pull her out in times of need.  She's the type of chick who will lie to your face when you're a hot mess and tell you you're pretty. 

Life is exactly as I expect it should be.  Mine sucks for moments here and there but, overall, it is fairly well amazing.  All in due part to the beautiful friends I have in it.


On to other, non weighty things.

I am three miles behind on emails. Thank you Smart Phone for giving me the amazing ability to read my emails on the go and yet also providing me with the ability to NEVER turn on a computer and, ya know, properly respond and all. 

Turns out, this is much like the rest of my life. 

I still have Thank You cards that were written and enveloped back in September after Ruby was born and have yet to be sent.  Initially, I was waiting to send them with birth announcements.  And then the laptop went all Dementia on me and could never remember what it was supposed to do from one moment to the next, so no birth announcements were ever made.

Then I just figured I'd send them with the Christmas cards that I totally cheated on for the first time this year and allowed JC Penny to make those generic photo cards that you don't even have to sign.  I was totally making life easier for myself during these holidays, so my brain told me. 

[I hate those things, by the way.  What better way to slog your way through life and show people you  were thinking about them by not writing your own name on the stupid card?  I mean, I like all the cute photos that come on them, but still, lazy.  Sign your own name.  Address your own envelopes.  Put some kind of effort into the process.]

Anyhow.  I jumped on the lazy train under the pretense of making my life three shades of easier versus spending my nights writing a personalized sentence or two on each card.  And then I never mailed a single card.  Not one.  Mostly because only ten or so were ever addressed.  By hand.

I did manage to give a few out in person, as I took the whole stack of them on the trip with us intending to finish the task, but there were other people I still saw in person, spoke to, and had actual thought through conversations with.... and I never thought to say, "Give me a minute while I run and get your generic photo card."

I also still have my nephew's Christmas present, which I brought on the trip with us.  My mother even wrapped it for me, offered to mail it and I declined, saying I'd get it done.  Good thing I never specified when it would get done.

So, I'm behind on emails, Thank You cards, Christmas cards and a little boy's present.  They will all be sent out.  Eventually.  Maybe.  Best of intentions....

What is the appropriate time frame these things should be accomplished before I enter Loser Territory?  Or am I already there?  I bet I'm already there, aren't I? 

Ya, I thought so, too. 


  1. I don't want to even list the things I am behind on. I remember one year I didn't send out Christmas cards and I kept them in the car until the following year. I don't feel there is a timeline . People understand :)

    1. I hope so! My new goal was to get them out by the end of January... but if I don't get on the ball I might have to revise that to mailing Christmas in July!

    2. Hey, if you miss Christmas in July, you can always shoot for Ruby's first birthday, right? :-P

    3. You are SO not helping! [but yes, Ruby's birthday as a deadline would work wonderfully, too...] :D