Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hard Knock Life

She has the hardest job in the house, I tell her. She has to create the path for the others to follow. She has to lead by example.
These growing pains she's going through, the ones where she's trying to test her boundaries as a bigger, little girl are no fun.  They are the ones where she navigates the waters between still being a small child and a responsible member of this family.

She likes to use the chalk board to teach the other two in a game of "school".  She likes to make the breakfasts in the morning, load the dishwasher in the evening. 

She's past the obnoxious stage and age that was six.  She likes to remind me to say my prayers, talk about acts of kindness and good manners over supper.
She breaks down crying some nights, mostly out of exhaustion, wondering why she's always the one in trouble.  Why does she have to always share, wait and be patient?  Why can't Lydia or Ruby?

It'll be their turn, soon enough, I tell her.  She had her turn to monopolize my attention, now it's theirs.  I remind her that Lydia, too, is often being asked for patience.  I let her know, she's not always alone.
These growing pains.  They are hers.  They are painful.  They will hold the biggest downfalls.  They will hold the greatest rewards. 

She's right, it is hard being seven.  Its even harder, I tell her, being the oldest.


  1. Seven has been a hard age of testing boundaries at our house, too .. and when the boundary doesn't stretch, I've been getting the "You don't love me, I know you just hate me" tantrum. **sigh**

    1. We haven't spiraled down that road, yet. We're still hanging out at the "I'm ALWAYS the one in trouble. I'm just TERRIBLE!" **sigh** Seven. Who knew?