Monday, November 19, 2012

So Much for a Parade Watching, Movie Marathon, Oatmeal Eating Lazy Thanksgiving Holiday

Saturday, I traveled back to the Arctic Tundra to pick up a few holiday turkeys from our favorite CSA farmer up there.  Of course, being the question of the holiday, it all came down to, "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?"  And me, being the person completely incapable of faking it, replied that the girls and I weren't doing anything special, hanging out at home.  Probably having oatmeal for our meal. 

If the girls had their way, the three meals a day would consist of alternating cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, PB&J and tuna fish.  They're incredibly high maintenance like that.

The idea of having oatmeal for one's Thanksgiving meal must have been horrifying to some people, especially since I was purchasing not one, but TWO turkeys. 

I tried to explain that we had, in fact, been invited to spend the holiday with friends and might-as-well-be-family but had declined for various reasons and, really, spending a quiet day watching the parade on TV followed by a movie marathon is exactly what we're going after.  The pity stares and glances were proof enough that they didn't think I was fooling anyone.

As it is. 

I had honestly considered having oatmeal for supper this Thursday.  Why not?  Its easy, healthy and the kids would never complain. 

Today I got to looking in my freezer for tonight's dinner ideas.  I have a whole chicken in there, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.  And that's when it hit me.  Instead of making a 10 pound turkey for two children and myself, why not roast up a 3 pound chicken?  Add some sweet potatoes and green beans, call it a meal. 

I ran this idea by Kyra tonight over a supper of meatloaf, peas and carrots, and white rice. 

I cooked!  A real meal!  Albeit a small one.  Still, what a rarity since Jeremy left.

So I ran this idea by Kyra who decided to elaborate on the whole supper situation. 

"I have a great idea!  What if we make those sweet potatoes with the marshmallows, using Lydia's marshmallows so she can eat it, too.  And we can have those eggs with the red things on them.  Can you make cranberry sauce, too?"

Our Thanksgiving day went from having oatmeal for supper, to roast chicken, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green beans, deviled eggs and cranberry sauce.  For one adult and two small children. 

Dare I ask her opinion for a dessert?

The bad news is, there goes my parade watching.  The good news, at least I won't have to cook again for another week.

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