Monday, July 16, 2012

Ya Know What's Fantastic?

Both my kids are healthy. 

No one's been sick.  No one's had an asthma attack.  And even though someone decided to give Lydia HoneyComb cereal at Vacation Bible School last Monday, she only had a belly ache that lasted part of the day Tuesday. 

Its a good thing she only ate ONE piece before the error was noticed.

Lydia's Big League GI appointment today was, sadly, our last.  And only lasted for a quick half hour, question and answer, run down session.  All final reports for May's scopes, biopsies and impedance tests came back clear, beautiful and normal.  By the end of the week, Lydia will be fully and completely off any forms of regularly taken medicine.  She'll only need to be seen, now, every 6-12 months by a Pediatric GI, and not scoped or tested again until she's of puberty age or, Heaven forbid, anything gets worse, again. 

Ruby Elisabeth is growing ever so quickly!  I have, just today, hit the stage that I need to pee every 12 minutes.  I knew it was due to happen soon, as I can barely bend over to put on my own shoes. I guess it was bound to happen some time, I just thought it would happen sooner than 6 weeks before she arrives.

Speaking of baby #3, we have almost everything we need for her arrival.  All that's left is a new crib mattress, a car seat and a stroller.  After 6 1/2 years of continuous use, our crib mattress isn't quite as firm as I'd like.  Both girls have made it pleasantly soft and squishy, perfect for a SIDS death waiting to happen.  And our stroller conveniently grew mold in our previous house.  The car seat, somehow, has survived unscathed.  However, a friend of mine sold hers thinking she was done after 2 kids, and here she is expecting #3, herself.  I offered to donate Lydia's infant carrier to her so I can get one of the Britax I've been drooling over since Lydia was in untero.  It'll match well with the new stroller I'm also drooling over.  Hopefully, and God willing, we can keep these safe from damage in our new to us, non mold creating, non plague carrying house, for when we're ready to have baby #4.

Now, how to decide which bank to rob to afford these things...

I'm having a hard time, as it is, trying to wait to buy these on Amazon tonight.  Jer still needs to fly out to the the Land of the Country Bumpkin to see his family in a couple weeks before I slap down a large cash settlement for baby gear. 

All in due time.  It's a great lesson in patience if nothing else.  

Life?  Is fantastic.


  1. I'm so so happy to hear that Lydia is off all her meds! The sickness must have migrated from your house to mine tho ... in the last three weeks, we've been to the doctor's office 3 times and the ER once! I can't wait for Ruby's arrival, and for our subsequent visit!! Love ya and miss you all! :-)

  2. Alicia! Came across your blog. Miss seeing you on fb! And congrats on baby number 3!! How exciting! Will def be keeping up with you through this!