Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where There is Little Hope, There is Still Possibility

And so begins another round of What the Fuck is Wrong With My Child.

The good news is, we're going to one of the best Pediatric GI clinics in the country!  The bad news is, I honestly don't expect a whole heck of a lot to be accomplished.  If it's like any of the rest of our crack job GI's; we'll do most of the talking, they'll do most of the nodding, and then we'll all walk away saying next visit we'll see how things are going. 

I'm sure my expectations are low because that's how the ball has rolled for 3 years now.  But everyone around me who have been to this hospital for other, various reasons have nothing but good things to say with either miracle cures or leaps and bounds worth of progress to be had. 

Since I can't find hope in what I don't know at this moment, I'm busy focusing myself on the issues I can fix.

Like how to pack and prepare food for a night in a hotel without a kitchen but a possibly, "if available," microwave and mini fridge.  Landing on top of those ideal arrangements, we get to park our car in a parking garage, which leads me to wonder if it's one of those NYC styles where you drop your car off to the handler and they park it for you and you never get to see it in between handing the keys over and getting the keys back, or Major Metro style where you drive around circling for an hour angling for a single empty space.  It'd be nice to know if we can actually access stuff like, I don't know, the extra food stash in the trunk, or if we're S.O.L. until we drive away for home.

It's these minor details in life I'm choosing to fuss over.  The rest of this trip-- total crapshoot.  Why stress over that which I can not handle?

For the rest of this day, I'm going to pack.  And I don't mean just clothes.  I need to figure out a way to cook, store, refrigerate and transport spaghetti to the hotel when I don't think I have a non glass dish large enough.  As for breakfast in the hotel, I'm just hoping we can find or make hot water to mix in with a few packets of gluten free oatmeal.  I also think I'll mix up some PB&J tonight and slap that on some bread (and a rice cake for Lydia) because that will store well for 2 days in a car without going bad before Friday's lunch.  I hope.

So, if you need me, I'll be here for one more night.  Not stressing.  Much.