Saturday, March 31, 2012

YEA for Quick Recoveries!

Kyra's fever broke sometime after 5:30 this morning when we had to dose her up with more medicine.  She woke up happy and normal, sans any kind of appetite.

Eating is so overrated...

In fact, she's even healthy enough, when I told her to find something to do quietly while Jeremy and Lydia napped, she decided to cut her own hair!!!

Thaaaaat's right.  My girl.  Who insists she wants hair like Rapunzel's.  Chopped herself some 2" (if that) bangs.

It's going to make for some interesting hair-do options when I have the girl's spring pictures done.  If they get done, now.

I'm hoping a really talented friend of ours will be able to make something of this new hair adventure in the next few days because I'm completely flummoxed.

Do we make all 2" bangs?  Can it be disguised until it grows a few more inches?  Should we chop off her waist length locks into a pixie cut so everything blends?

I don't know.  I guess that's why I'm not a stylist.


  1. oh, no! glad she's feeling better, tho ... yikes on the new hairdo! good luck getting that taken care of (and tell Jer that she hasn't seen my kids playing salon in years now so it's not our fault, lol)

    1. It's only a bit longer then that hair cut. Haha! She can't (or won't) tell me why she cut it, she "just did."

      Oh, and Jer's saying it's because someone at church last weekend told Kyra when she gets older and wants to cut her hair she can donate it to help sick kids. For him, it's NEVER the girl's own fault. Which also holds true for himself, it's NEVER his fault, either!