Friday, March 30, 2012

Midnight High-Fives

And now it is Kyra's turn to be sick.

It's almost as if she and Lydia high-fived in the middle of the night.  We put Lydia to bed still sneezing out giant wads of snot all over everything and Kyra was perfectly fine.  Now it's the reverse.

Some time in the middle of the night, I started hearing Kyra get out of bed to blow her nose with some sort of frequency.  By morning, she was complaining of a sore throat.  By mid morning, it was an ear ache.  By her doctor's appointment, it was a yucky stomach.

I dosed her up with our last drops of Tylenol after she started complaining about her ear.  Which means, of course by the time we saw her doctor, she was fit for a marathon and acting like it, too.

The nice doctor lady diagnosed her with a nasty cold that's all concentrated in her sinuses right now and sometimes children will, I don't remember how she put it, essentially complain of other ailments (her stomach) just because they feel so darned crummy.  Makes sense.

So I take my cootie carrying daughter to walmart and then to a big box store.  On my grocery list, I had specifically had MOTRIN listed because while Lydia can't have Tylenol, she can have Motrin.  Except, I don't know why, both stores seemed to have stopped carrying it.

No matter, I thought.  Just a crummy cold.  She can suck it up with the rest of us.

Kyra, quite literally, deteriorates to a limp pile of patheticness during our half hour drive home.  Occasionally moaning and sniveling, once screaming at me that she needs to GO HOME, NOW! because she's just so tired and Mommy, my tummy feels all yucky!

I no longer assume she's redirecting any discomfort to her tummy.  I'm now petrified she's about to vomit.  Everywhere.  At any moment.

Get her home and inside, watch her crumple to a sobbing mess on the couch.  I haven't seen her like this in, I don't know how long.  Probably before Lydia was ever conceived.

Take her temperature, it's 102.2.  And guess what I still don't have!

Motrin.  Or even Tylenol for that matter.  What I do have is a generic infant's pain and fever medicine I think our friends left here over Thanksgiving.

I'm currently waiting for the Ped's Office to call me back and see if this might be suffice for the short term until Jeremy gets home.

Poor Thing is in no condition for another hour long drive back and forth to town.

Jeesh.  What a predicament!

** UPDATE: Its now after 5 and the Ped's Office never called back.  Jerks.  Her temp is up to 104.4.  I'm chucking her in the shower.

**UPDATE, TAKE 2: Jer brought home some ibuprofen (apparently everywhere has stopped selling children's motrin?) and we dosed her up around 6 o'clock.  By 8, her fever is down to 100.0 and she's asking to eat supper.  Progress!

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  1. aww, hope it's a short-lived bug and that she doesn't pass it back to Lydia! ((HUGS))