Monday, March 26, 2012

Orders Are In!

Today I've managed wash a few walls, do a load of towels, vacuum and mop the floors as well as prepare a decent, healthy and thought out supper for the entire family.  

It's almost as if my body has finally figured out we're in the second trimester and the need to sleep 23 hours a day... might not be necessary.  And I must tell you, the house is looking better then it has since Thanksgiving came and went.  

I should be ashamed write that, but I'm too proud of how much I've accomplished today.

Also, Jeremy came home with orders last week;  Toxic Crap Hole, here we come!  Can't say we've entirely missed that place, but it'll be a nice return to the friends that we do sorely miss.


  1. hooray for orders and for energy!!

  2. Ick. I remember those kinds of pregnancy days. Glad you're up and about again.