Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homeschooling Sick Days

Last week the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  High 70's, low to mid 80's, no humidity.  It was a perfect way to take a break from school work to bring in spring.

This week we've dropped back down to the 30's, 40's and today's tease of 50 degrees on a rainy day.

Some would say, with those kind of weather changes, it's no wonder Lydia's come down with Croup.  Again.  For the third time this season.  Even the pediatrician, who was able to see us after 6:00 yesterday evening, said that earlier that day she had already seen 3 cases of Bronchitis and 2 cases of Croup, all effecting the 3 and under kids.

'Tis the season or 'tis the weather?

Either way, poor Lydia was up about a million times last night, sobbing as she barked coughs that made her neck hurt or fussing because her nose is stuffy and eyes runny.

Today, we'll take another break from life.  Before 4 this morning, I pecked out an email to Kyra's ice skating coach saying we wouldn't be there today, put Lydia's gymnastic's leotard back in the drawer and shut off my alarm.

Yes, even after a visit to the doctor yesterday, I had hoped she might be wrong in her diagnosis.

Instead, the girls are running around playing as I trail after them with a wad of tissue in hand.  They've gotten an awesome chance to watch a friend's chickens start to hatch on her live web-cam, and now they're playing PBSKIDS.ORG until the next egg shows signs of life.

Its times like these, I'm glad we homeschool.  I couldn't imagine having to drag myself and Kyra out of bed this morning only to coax her into eating breakfast while I make her lunch before having to shove her on a bus, all while simultaneously tending to a pitiful Lydia.  There are times when I fully understand why parents send their children away each day to learn, but today isn't one of those days.

And neither was last week when I got to watch them spend entire days outside, identifying the birds and butterflies that flitted around our yard and feeders.

Its funny how even on sick days, when we don't actively do "school," the girls are still learning.

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