Monday, February 13, 2012

Life, Only Better

It is shaping up to be another AMAZING week with Lydia.  The differences, night and day.  I can't believe the child we have today.

She's not so different from Kyra, after all.  Suddenly she can go with the flow, change direction as needed.  She can wait patiently, take instruction, criticism and praise with the best of them.

Before, I thought: Oh that's just Lydia.  Louder.  Wilder.  In your face.  And it is.  To an extent.  It seems she's still all that.... but mellowed.  And happier.

Ah, you can tell she just FEELS better.  It's like she's glowing with this bright new aura around her.

Its lovely.

She's lovely.

Another thing I noticed...  that random rash we had without-a-doubt pinned down to corn but also noticed it seemed to come and go, in less severity, with complete irregularity?  It's gone.  Hasn't shown its face in weeks.

And her urine doesn't smell like something died in her gut, anymore.  And Jer exclaims that her poop looks like normal, human poop.  And she sleeps solidly through the night, without waking to ask for water- a sign she's refluxing.  And, by golly, this is the longest period of time since October that she's not complained about her belly hurting.

I write all this down, not to embarrass her 15 years from now [all though, you know, great ammunition!] but for those other mom's out there spending HOURS at night, for YEARS, Googling lists of random symptoms that, for all appearances, have no business associating with one another.  There is hope, something as random as deleting gluten might be the answer.

Oh, Dear God, please let us have found the key.  Lydia's been screaming in pain since she was 3 weeks old, she deserves a break.  I pray we've found it.


  1. I am over the moon happy for you! If I could do cartwheels, I would (darn clumsiness!)!

  2. It looks like you've found it. i'm so glad.