Monday, October 03, 2011

SUR-PRIZE! It's a dollar!

Kyra lost her first baby tooth Saturday morning while eating a banana.  The tooth fairy has yet to pay a visit. 

That makes me sound like a total failure of a tooth fairy, doesn't it?  Yes, yes, I see you all nodding your heads.  Don't you think I have a perfectly good explanation?

Kyra has a burning desire to keep her tooth-- and still get her "prize."

What prize, you may ask?  Kyra has it in her head that the tooth fairy is going to bring her some candy and a toothbrush as payment for her lost tooth.

Don't ask me where she comes up with this crap...

She thinks that if she writes the tooth fairy a note, she or he will leave her tooth under her pillow along with her prize.  Which, is A-OK with this fairy.


Saturday comes, she forgets to write her note.  We tell her she can write it tomorrow.

Sunday, still no note.  Well, Babe, we will definitely write it tomorrow.

Today, as part of her school work, she writes her note.  And then goes to bed not knowing where her tooth is.  Excellent.

With any luck, tomorrow night, her 4th toothless night, the tooth fairy will FINALLY come and leave a prize under her pillow.

Hopefully she'll settle for a dollar she can use to buy her own toothbrush.  Besides, I'm not giving up my candy for a tooth that can't enjoy it.

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