Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Price of Changing Leaves

Lydia has a doctor's appointment this week with her Pediatric GI.  We are hoping beyond hope that they'll scope her.

That sounds very mean, doesn't it?

Excuse me, Doc, do you mind shoving a camera enabled tube down her throat and possible up her ass, too.  If it's not too much trouble, mind you.  

The issues we have are (1) the leaves are changing and (2) the city we're traveling to is at least a 3 hour drive.  These wouldn't be problems if her appointments weren't always at the ass crack of dawn.  Because of our early appointment, we need to find a hotel room for the night before.  And not just any hotel room, one with a kitchen in it since our delicate little flower can't eat restaurant food for shit without reacting to the unknown.

The place we stayed back in April was lovely.  Affordable over priced, yes, but lovely.  To stay in that same hotel this week, it's MORE THEN DOUBLE the previously affordable over priced rate.

Let that sink in.... MORE. THAN. DOUBLE. the price.

Because leaves will be at their peak.  The cost, per night, to see a stupid red, yellow, or orange leaf is THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 

Oh, fuck me.

I guess I'll just take it out of Lydia's college fund.  Not like she'll be able to afford college, anyhow, what, with all that expensive fresh, non processed and pasture raised food she'll have to buy.  And I'd like to see just how much time she'll have to study since everything she cooks will have to be made completely from scratch. 

The price we pay for our Wee Delicate Flower.

She better remember this when she's picking out the nursing home for Jeremy and myself in 40 years.

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