Saturday, September 24, 2011

You know what?  There really is life after Facebook.  And, surprisingly, it is so. much. better!

It's funny, because way back when I signed up for it, I stated I thought it was crap.  Okay, well, I didn't say it was crap, I said I didn't know if I care all that much about it.  And, strangely enough, for two whole years I've been saying again and again how stupid the site is and how I should really remove myself from it, and, yet, there I sat.  Obsessively glued to Facebook as if Jesus, Himself, was going to appear at any moment with a band of leprechauns leading a baby unicorn, and they would all be surrounded by a flutter of ferries.

This Spring, I got to talking to my most favorite aunt in the world about how Facebook really is very stupid.... unless you like to be nosy and all into other people's business.  She asked what I posted about, so I told her.  The most stupid, pointless crap imaginable:  What chores I did that day, what I was cooking, plans for the day.

Really? Whooo caaares...?

A couple weeks ago, I got into a typing argument with someone I actually really like and admire on Facebook.  But they were out of line... for the third time in six months... and I felt the need to point that out.  And then, like you'd expect, things went south from there. 

It was at that point when I realized, I'm arguing with someone I care about, on a site I frequently think of abandoning.  So I quit.

I. Quit. Facebook.

And, ya know what?  I have since started perusing the internet again.  Looking for SOMETHING to keep me entertained.  Which has lead me to Mumford and Sons who, yes, I could listen to their album on repeat all. day. long. (okay, maybe not all day, but a round or two...)

Through YouTube-ing all things Mumford, I found the movie Like Minds.  (In a very, vastly odd, round about way are the two connected.)  Its a really, really creepy movie that I recommend only smart people to watch.  I had to remember what I learned in high school of The Canterbury Tales to understand some reasoning and that's just wrong for a movie to make you recall such complicatedly written, historical nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, I liked learning the historical nonsense-- I hated reading it.

And lets face it, even my historically smart husband came back after watching it and said with a sly grin, "What the fuck was that?"  Good movie, if you're smart enough to understand it.  And I barely made the cut.

I've also somehow, though I don't remember what led me there, found episodes of The Graham Norton Show on YouTube.  Funniest talk show EVER.  I mourn that they don't show it here in America.  Seriously, let this clip cue up to the minute thirty/minute fourty-five mark, you'll thank me later.

And now that it seems like I'm becoming slightly obsessed with British entertainment, let me just say... Apparently I am.  I'm even rereading the Harry Potter series for the second time.  I read it for the first time this summer at Jeremy's request, with a little extra prodding from my friend Jennifer.

Biggest waste of time that I hate to put down. 

Moral of the story: Good bye Facebook, hello pointless internet searches!  Trading one vice for another.


  1. Funny, I quit facebook yesterday because the invasion of privacy has reached a new level. I don't miss it. Yay!

  2. Way to go! The first few days, my natural inclination every time I popped on the computer was to nose around Facebook. Took me a few days before I kicked that urge. Can't say I miss it, either!

  3. I kicked Facebook last week as well. I used to say the same things to my husband, that it's really dumb, way too great for nosy people and I rarely ever post anything meaningful. I don't regret it either, other than maybe seeing photos of family far away, below the Mason Dixon Line. The privacy level change made the final call for me as well.