Thursday, September 15, 2011

Decision Time and 9 Months Early!

Jeremy got a list of possible commands for next June's start of a new sea tour.  Our options, as it stands today, is to head back to the Toxic Crap Hole or venture into new territory:  Granola Nation, Beach Tans Required, or The Pacific Speck.

Vague.  I know.  I like to keep it that way so our families will never find us.

Now, our first hope was for Granola Nation, but they only have 1 boat available for Jeremy's position.  So, if we jump on that train QUICKLY we'll be set.  It's a type of boat Jeremy is used to, but not the schedule I was hoping for.  Which is fine.  Really.  Life is life and then we move on.

Our second hope was to head back to the Toxic Crap Hole.  We've been there.  We have friends there.  Life will continue on as we've always known it.  But, then, where's the excitement and adventure in that?

Next up, we have Beach Tans Required.  Its exotic, expensive and comes with overpriced food and teeny-tiny-housing. But, if you're living your life and homeschooling your kids on the beach... who cares if you're broke and live in a shanty!

Finally we have The Pacific Speck.  Which we know absolutely nothing about.  Except, HEY!  WE'LL BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  WON'T THAT BE EXCITING?!

I'm kinda leaning to Granola Nation or The Pacific Speck.  Jeremy seems to be shooting for anywhere that isn't the Mason Dixon Line.

Where to go, where to go...

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  1. somewhere that will be fun for me to visit you! lol

    seriously, tho, try to go where you think you'll be happiest.