Thursday, June 02, 2011

Universal Tease

I'm pretty sure the Arctic Tundra is teasing me.

Seriously?  It's JUNE!  And this is our HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR THE DAY:

And let it be known, Universe, that I was not the one complaining about the high 80 degree temperatures you've miraculously brought our way these last five or so days.  I've rather enjoyed them and have refused to turn on the air conditioning so I could bask in these warm days. 

In fact, just yesterday the inside temperature read 82.  AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. 

Today, Universe, you suck.  You totally, absolutely and completely-- suck.


  1. i'll trade ya for our 90* today ... too hot for my preggo self! i've so far resisted the a/c, but tomorrow's supposed to be almost as hot! yuck!!

  2. Whooo! No thank you. Not pregnant anyway. Now if I had an equally nice, warm pool to lounge in...