Sunday, June 05, 2011

Any Given Sunday

As Kyra was wiggling around in Church today, Jeremy told her she needed to sit still and listen to father.  Kyra quickly replied back, "I listen to God and learn from Him, so I don't have to listen to father."  To which... uhhh... who can argue with that?


As we were making our way out of the church, a kind older lady stopped me, gushing how well behave my girls were.  She said their dresses were so lovely and they looked so sweet.  The girls reminded her of her own girls when they were little.  They were 3 years apart, too, and and my girls brought back such wonderful memories.

When it was our turn to greet Father, Kyra and Lydia did their usual running hug (Father really should look into wearing a cup as Lydia's head is just the right height and neither of the girls pause for a gentle embrace).  The older lady squealed with delight and when the girls were finished, she had some words with father about how precious the girls were. 

I guess that conversation beats out two weeks ago when I took Lydia, SCREAMING, from the pew to the bathroom for a quick bit of disciplining.  I thought we were in trouble since Father was in the middle of his Homily and I heard him pause as I rushed out of sight.  Apparently, after I left, he made a mention that he hoped it wasn't something he said that set Lydia off.  While I was mortified and dieing inside, he and the rest of the congregation had a good laugh! [I wasn't aware of the comment until long after we were driving home.  I must not have heard it over Lydia's wails.]  As we were exiting the church that day, it was a gentleman who watched the girls do their running hug routine and pointed out Lydia saying, "Watch out, Father, there's your competition!"

I swear, each week with the girls' behavior,  I flounder between wishing for a dark hole to crawl into and beaming with pride.  When they're good, they're good.  And when they're bad... oh, Heaven help 'em!


There is this very nice lady in our church who comes in with her 12 year old daughter most Sundays.  Right before Chistmas, she brought the girls a gift bag with some Christmas books about the birth of our Lord, some little religious board books more Lydia appropriate and a couple coloring/activity books of the same religiously themed style.  Not only did she have that gift bag in hand, but she had 2 or 3 sacks (I'm not talking grocery store bag size) full of clothes for the girls.  It had dresses, shoes, pajamas-- nice, decent, mostly hand-me-downs with some brand new stuff thrown in, too.  I thought that was beyond kind being that neither Jer nor myself are all that active with our church and only knew these ladies by sight and quick conversation, not by name.

Today, the same mother and her daughter stopped us and asked if she could give us an Easter basket she had put together for the girls.  She didn't know we were away on our 5 week trip and had held on to it all this time, so I said "Sure, they'd love it!"  This lady and her daughter, Patty and Abby, pulled out of her vehicle a sack with a gorgeously done pink Easter basket stuffed two little bunnies and two little chicks, stickers, lip gloss, a book, and Resurrection Eggs...... along with 3 more sacks of clothes and shoes for the girls.

I'm not sure if the words Thank You are enough to show my sincere gratitude to Patty and her daughter Abby.  Some people are down right amazing.

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