Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Raw Milk Challenge

Some how, it miraculously came to be that I ran out of Lydia's coconut milk when making the blueberry muffins yesterday morning.

It also miraculously came to be that during the girls' naps I came across a blog about raw milk while researching dairy, soy and corn intolerance.

In this post, it talks about a family who had two small children with diary issues and somehow they came to start drinking raw milk and miraculously the whole family could drink and use dairy again without consequence.

So then I started to search my best friend, Dr. Google, for dairy intolerance and raw milk.  Low and behold, there are people in this world who can not tolerate pasteurized milk, but can tolerate raw milk.  Something about lacking stomach enzymes and raw milk bacteria helps with this problem and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't regurgitate combined with a whole lot of other whatnot. 

I googled the shit out of this subject until 3 in the morning. 

It turns out that this pasteurized milk intolerance thing is kinda-sorta well known throughout the natural healing, granola eating, hippy world. 

Hmm.  Who knew? 

So I ran right out and procured a gallon of raw milk from a local farm 17 minutes away from my front door.

Ya'll, that's closer to me then the supermarket.

For the next week, at least, our family will be drinking raw milk.  Lydia, included.  Maybe we'll get lucky.  Maybe Lydia will tollerate dairy in this form.  Maybe it'll be the extra bacteria that helps her stomach.  Maybe it'll be the grass fed, pasture raised cows.  Maybe life will become a smidgen simpler.

Or maybe she'll have the same reaction as with pasteurized milk and I can say at least we tried.

Either way, this morning I measured and poured 6oz of cow's milk into her cup.  And I'll do the same tomorrow.  For now, it's all a game of wait and see.

At least there's still hope.

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