Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Tell My Children

But I've found the secret to making sure they finish their breakfast...........

Make both a batch of blueberry muffins AND oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  AND THEN, inform them that I would be more then willing to finish off the muffins and cookies if those bowls of cereal don't get finished.

It's great.  Suddenly their whines of "I'm not hungry" and "I'm full" are replaced with the less whiny sounds of spoons scrapping bowels and quiet eating going on.

[side note: I'm not one who really much cares if they finish their breakfasts.  In fact, most mornings they get a breakfast OF THEIR CHOOSING, much like this morning.  I've learned to give them very little of whatever they ask for and wait to see if they want more.  The rule in our house for each meal is, if you don't finish breakfast, lunch or supper, then you do not receive a snack or dessert in between meals.]

This wasn't my actual plan for this morning.  It was more just I had a urge to get some baking done today and the sooner my sweet tooth was soothed, the better.

I think I should try this technique more often.

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