Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In the Kitchen

Today I have made:

3 batches of pizza crust
2 double batches of pizza sauce
2 pie crusts
1 chocolate filling
1 banana cream filling
2 batches of meringue

Plus breakfast:
A piece of bread spread with hummis and a plate of blueberries for Lydia.
A piece of cinnamon sugar toast and a plate of blackberries.

Mixed lettuce salad with green peppers, tomatoes and goat cheese feta.

And supper:
Shepherd's pie in the crockpot.

I'm a bit exhausted.

Tomorrow we have a play date at the park with one of our homeschool groups, pick up our CSA share at the farmer's market, figure out EXACTLY what I'd like to take to a food swap and, if I'm lucky, find time to wash the grey out of my hair.  And all that in between making and serving breakfast, lunch and supper.

I'm already exhausted just thinking about what I have to do with tomorrow. 

Can I get a few more hours in my day?  Is that possible?


  1. A few more hours? Alicia, you rock. As for me, I need more energy, there is a reason people have their children in their 20s and 30s. I am just plain wore out by the end of the day!

  2. Mary, You're too kind! I'm not sure how YOU do it. Most days I still would do anything for an afternoon nap and don't hesitate if I have a few hours to spare. Believe me, when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms during the girls' naps or taking one myself, I'm quite guilty of choosing the latter!