Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Interrupt This Silence

To tell you that I am too busy to post because I'm sewing Lydia a new dress.  By hand.

Why, yes, my sewing machine is working just fine.  But I only have a wee little bit of this specific green thread color and in an effort to make it last, I'm stitching the dress by hand.  

Because I'm cheap.  

Quit judging.

Also.  Supper tomorrow is pigs in a blanket.  Except with steak wrapped in bacon.  In the crock pot.

What kind of sides should I serve?  Fresh picked green beans or sugar snap peas, potatoes or rice, sweet cornbread in the cast iron?  And it's going to rain tomorrow so I can't make sun tea, so is cornbread even worth the effort?  Hmm...

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