Saturday, March 19, 2011

Never Fails

Kyra gets a snotty nose.  Snotty nose leads to a cold. 

Kyra lasts a week with a cold behaving like a normal 5 year old.  Week ends, Kyra looses her mind.

Kyra spends 3 days not listening, being even more easily distracted and ends every possible situation, good or bad, with a giant puddle of tears.  For no other reason than it seems, to her, appropriate at the time.

Kyra makes a single comment at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon that her ear feels funny when she yawns.  Saturday morning, 8AM, pediatrician confirms her left ear is disgustingly infected. 

Every single time Kyra gets a snotty nose that ends with a coughy, hacky cold she gets an ear infection.  Or two. 

Every.  Single.  Time. 

The last few times we've been seen for this, the pediatrician tells me to dose her up with Benadryl before she lays down to sleep to dry up her sinuses and keep it from draining into her ears.  This time I did exactly that.  No such luck.

She's on a new antibiotic, Omnicef.  Probably because she's on Amoxicillin every 4-6 months and that seems a bit over kill, even to me. 

Maybe the next time she gets a snotty nose that leads to a cold I should just dial up the pediatrician and ask for an antibiotic.  Because it never fails, the ear infection follows. 


  1. In my house, every time one of my girls get a cold, I get sick.

  2. That has been my mantra this year. I never used to get sick, and this year I catch anything and everything the girls pick up. In fact, we all caught it this time. Kyra's finally on the mend. Lydia's not far behind. I'm in the middle (I hope!) and Jeremy woke up this morning unable to breathe. Its creeping around out house like the plague! : )