Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Last Picture

One last picture, I thought, before you turn 2.
A few hours is all I have left, of my baby, of you.
How quickly you've grown.  Much faster then your sister.
Scared that I'll lose one more moment, I take one last picture.
And then freeze...
Because crap, now you're awake. And smiling. And as cheerful as can be. 
Clearly not marred by the interruption in sleep.

I wonder if not going to sleep the night before your birthday is like not going to sleep on Christmas Eve and Santa doesn't come?  If I keep her awake, will she never turn 2?

Maybe I've found that pause button after all.


  1. awww, she can't be that grown up already!

    p.s. let me know if that pause button works so i can try it in a couple months!

  2. Joelle- sorry, didn't work. I tried. Back to the drawling board.

    Sarah- Thanks! I think so, too. ;-D

  3. 2 already. That can't be. I remember her turning 1. Let's figure out the way to stop time. I cried this morning packing up clothes for your sister. I wish my baby was still small. I am certainly not ready for him to grow up anymore