Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Ya know what's one of the coolest things about homeschooling?  The fact that I worked on 3 different subjects with Kyra today and we were finished with "school" in just under an hour.

Even better then having a shortened school day, I'm the very first one who got to see that Kyra really can read.  I mean, I know I bragged how she read a sentence 4 months ago, but she hasn't seemed to care to repeat that little trick again.  And I haven't really pushed her to do so.   Today, though, I set some work in front of her and asked her to read "at" words and without any help from me, she read each word without difficulty. She was proud of herself and I was about to blow my top with excitement.

All summer long, I was scared to death that maybe I wouldn't be doing the right thing by her by choosing homeschooling.  Today, all that trepidation vanished.  I'm sure it'll come back again.  When she's struggling, or when I'm struggling, but as for today-- homeschooling is one of the most awesome things on earth.  And I'm glad I have the privilege of staying at home to do it. 

It may be a little selfish of me, but I would really hate it if someone else got to see and celebrate her milestones with out me.  I feel a bit guilty for saying that but, at the same time, I'm okay with being selfish when it comes to my kids.

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