Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Like This

There is this guy, who I once considered a friend.  And then I considered obsessive.  And then I considered sensitive.  And then I considered creepy.  And now I've come to realize that he's a manipulative ass.

The thing is, his wife is sweet and his daughter is an absolute doll.  Krya and his kid get along better then peas and carrots.  But I can no longer stand him.  I can't even stand the thought of him because his manipulative way throws me through loops and makes me think I need to step on eggshells to keep from harming his sensitive little soul before I realize... OH YA!  CREEPY GUY IS AN ASS! And then I get caught up thinking about how such a sweet woman could marry such a jerkish guy and have such a darling little girl and, geesh!, do I have ADD or something?

Here's where Creepy Manipulator gets annoying.  The whole thing blew up in his face when it finally dawned on me what he was doing and I called him out on it.  All this went down 5 or 6 weeks ago (I really don't keep count) in a way that he said "Call me when you're not mad anymore." and I said "Mmm hmm." and I have never called him again but dude is STILL CALLING ME!  And/or emailing and/or texting.  Like, EVERYDAY! I have not spoken to or responded in written form this guy since I called him out on his games.

Frankly, I'm not sure what to do anymore.  Jeremy is too much of a pansy, wallflower, wuss, passive person to want to get involved.  His point of view is Dude isn't trying to call me.  Every time I tried to talk to him in person he turned around and stuck his head up your ass.  Which, relatively speaking, is entirely correct. That being said, I can't quite count on Jeremy to talk to him Man to Man.  Ignoring the guy has clearly not done any good and I'm afraid that if I do respond to him I'm going say some harsh things out of anger... and really, I like to be a kind person if I can at all help it.

I explained to Kyra weeks ago that she probably wouldn't be able to see her friend anymore because the daddy doesn't know how to play nicely.  Kyra asked for a better explanation.  I told her that sometimes people say things and do things that hurt other people's feelings and when Mommy told this daddy that he wasn't being nice he laughed at Mommy and said "I was just kidding with you! **laugh laugh** I was only joking! **laugh laugh** I'm sorry, I was kidding! **laugh laugh**"  AND THEN CONTINUED HIS MANIPULATION.

Okay, so that last part I explained to Kyra in a more child appropriate manner.  

Kyra accepted our talk, said she would miss her friend and then moved on with her day.  Occasionally Krya still mentions her friend, but she seems to understand that she probably won't see her anymore.

Today comes and Creepy Manipulator calls twice.  And then emails.  I read the email and it essentially says, Hey! My kid wanted to call on her way home from school. I didn't put her up to it.  So then I listen to the message and, sure enough, it is his kid.  First messages says "Hi Alicia!" Second message says "Hi Alicia! Can Kyra come play at my house or can I come play at yours? I love you!"   


So, Life?  Why is it my 4 year old can move on but a nearly 40 year old, umm, can't?


  1. maybe it's because your four-year-old has had to do a lot of "moving on" in her short little life ... prayers that he realizes his wrong ways and leaves you all alone! (if not, maybe i could drag Sean along next month to take care of it for ya, lol)

  2. So... what the hell??

    I'm sad that Jeremy won't man up and tell Creepy Dude to stop harassing you. :(

    But you know sometimes you have to not be so nice to get your point across.

    Is there any way Kyra and their kid can play together without you having to see him? You and the mother are friends, right? Is there any reason why you and the mother can't have "play dates" with the kids? (Sorry I don't really know a better term)

    Ugh. I'm not so sure how I would handle this same situation but I really hope he leaves you alone sooner than later.

  3. Joelle- You're right, Kyra's done a lot of moving on in her short life. Never knew that coping mechanism would come in handy so soon-- and without us moving. Though, I don't think I'll need Sean. It may be a coincidence, but I had a hunch that he read this blog and wouldn't you know... haven't had a call or message from him all day. (though we would still LOVE to have Sean come visit anyway!!! If he got bored, he could show Jeremy what it's like to stand up for his wife and pay this guy a visit.)

    Erica- Unfortunately I don't have the wife's cell # and she works long hours and isn't available for play dates like the husband is. Besides that, I don't know her all that well. She's always been kind and friendly to me but I think if I did call her it would be odd to say "Hey! I think your Huz is an ass and kept hitting on me. Wanna get the girls together to play?" Jer agrees with you, though. He says I need to stop worrying about being nice when trying to get my point across. But because Creepy isn't harassing Jeremy, Jeremy isn't too concerned. Jer has his sweet moments, but he's seriously lacking in this situation!