Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank Goodness, Jeremy Isn't Home

Because if he were to hear the statement Kyra just made, he'd be having a heart attack right this very moment.
I wish I could marry a boy, now.  That way I could have a baby like Lydia.
If only I could tell her the truth.... My dearest Kyra, I sure hope you're asking for the Lydia we have now and not the Lydia that was a baby.  I would only wish THAT Lydia on someone who is testing out their new Xanax medication.  In fact, at times I probably would have only been willing to TRADE her for a very strong Xanax prescription. Good thing we're past that stage, eh?

And, now, as I type this, Kyra is currently praying for this:
God, Please take care of Lydia and help her say her prayers.
And then comes to me to say this, "Mommy, I EXPECT God to take care of Lydia and make her say her prayers."

Kyra is cracking me up early this morning!

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