Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All...

Santa's Snack plate:

Santa has COME!

Kyra asked Santa for a horse for herself and a "sleeping horse" for Lydia (rough translation: a horse Lydia can have in her crib to sleep with).  Santa threw in a bag full of church appropriate books and toys and a Gator to help with landscaping the yard, terrorize the dogs, entertain the girls in the yard so Mommy can have 10 whole minutes alone this spring to sit in her swing and read a book, have some extra fun!

Lydia's impression of Santa:

Annnnnd... She's gotta go terrorize another toy:

Kyra played with her new barn for 2 HOURS!  This is unheard of with this child.  She can't even sit still and watch a movie for that long.

After Kyra put the 3,000 horses that she received into her room (and then ran the Gator into the Christmas tree), we dressed the girls up to go play outside:

Though, Lydia doesn't do as much playing as she does falling and compensates by eating snow:

Then we all got dressed up and headed over to our friend's house where we opened more presents:

And play a few games on the Wii:

And now, they're all in bed again.
 Another successful year.

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  1. your tree was beautiful! nice job. looks like the kids really made out this year. sorry we didn't catch each other.