Friday, September 04, 2009

For Those of You Aftraid of Bodily Functions- TURN AWAY NOW

Back story:

I have an IUD as birth control. It was put in mere seconds after Lydia was ripped out. I also had an IUD put in 5 months after Kyra was born and it was Super!Great!Fabulous! because I never had a period until it was removed to conceive Lydia.

Today's Story:

Ever had one of those weeks where you're a total horrible bitch to your husband because he deserves whatever it is you're bitching about since, you know he is a MAN and every thing in life is ALL! HIS! FAULT!...? And then when the bitching hits its peak when your husband can't even blink without you going postal on his ass because Excuse me, did you ask the rest of us if we'd be offended if you blinked?

Yes? Oh, good, it's not just me.

The good thing is my bitching has subsided. And it seemed to subside the instant my Monthly Friend came calling. There are two things to be said about when your Monthly Friend pays a visit, (1) it's another month I'm not pregnant, YEA! and (2) at least I can now apologize to Jer and place all the blame on my hormones that I can not control. The bad thing is... I'm on my monthly friend.

Four months in a row now, she's paid a weekly visit. My whole purpose of an IUD was to kick this habit without having to actually remember to do or take anything, myself.

I feel like I've been jipped.

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  1. my mirena is dumb too i have bled like clock work every month since insertion excet not the month of august meaning i am a month late hmmm u cant get regnant on it right haha