Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now and Later

Little Lydie Cake, how you amaze me.

Every day you crawl over to my legs, use them to stand up and then look at me with those big blue eyes,
Intermittently waving one hand in the air and then slapping my leg, begging to be picked up. Rinse, lather, repeat.
All while your tongue hangs out, as if you're catching flies.
And when I reach my arms down to grant your request, you smile like you've just won the grand prize- A FREE RIDE IN MOMMY'S ARMS!
But when you find out this is nothing more then a photo taking session, you are none too pleased as you try to wiggle back to the ground.
But I know you, I have you figured out. Today you'll be flashing me the most innocent face in the world to get whatever it is you desire...
Give it three more years and you'll be casting uncooperative stares as Mama interrupts your special rainy day movie marathon with a simple request such as "Can you turn around and smile for Mommy?" and just like Kyra, you'll look damned cute doing it, too.
At which time you will also be photographed nearly naked (thanks to a spilled milk incident) and, with any luck, I'll remember to post it here on the internet with a link bringing us back to this moment, so I can remember the early days when you tried (and usually succeeded) to melt my heart with one glance. And if you're anything like Sister, even when you're not smiling for the camera, you'll still melt my heart.

Today you're 8 months old, Lydie Kate. Won't you please stay little just a bit longer?


  1. Hmm I could have sworn you just did her 7mth post like yesterday. Wonder where I've been for the past month.

    Also, if you figure out how to keep them little, I am ALL EARS. Mine only eats cheerios and drinks formula which isn't stunting her growth one little bit. Ho hum. Back to the old drawing board.

  2. you sure do have two beautiful girls who i misss dearly!!!!

  3. beautiful! both the tribute/writing and the pictures are simply beautiful!