Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacations Are Good, Vacations With Friends Are Better

I have a great friend, Candace. Candace and I talk all the time. Whenever we get on the phone, it's going to be a long conversation. It seems, even when we have nothing to say, the conversation never has an end, just a "it's getting late, I guess we should get off of here" or a "the children are running wild, guess I should go be a Mom again" and occasionally even "the Husband says I need to get off the phone now."

During one of these marathon phone calls we were bitching about our husband's hectic schedules, her husband works long hours ALL THE TIME with very little to no days off while my husband works a revolving schedule and the most random, yet scheduled, days off. I told her about our 4 day weekend coming up soon. It was to be our second one. The first one we blew, staying at home, giddy over the fact that we had 4. ENTIRE. DAYS. and what in the world are we going to do with these 4 days and then... the weekend was over.

I told Candace that we were going to go somewhere and Hershey, Pa was one of two top places to go and we couldn't decide what to run with. She asked what dates we were talking about, I told her. She confirmed. I confirmed. She said they were taking a family trip to Pennsylvania during the same 4 days. And... uh... HOW FABULOUS WOULD IT BE TO SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN AND LET THE GIRLS PLAY AND CHIT CHAT WITHOUT RUNNING UP A HEFTY BILL AND THE BOYS COULD DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT GUYS DO AND WOULD IT JUST BE SO FUCKING AWESOME IF WE COULD GET TOGETHER!!!!!!

And that's how, this weekend, we landed in Dutch Wonderland, where Kyra got to meet a real life princess:
And have pint sized rides made just for her age:
Rides that would fling her so hard that her braids nearly snapped off of her teeny tiny melon:
And rides that she could pretend to shoot things, because, you know, THAT'S what I'd really like my daughter to do, shoot the kid in the spaceship in front of her:
And while Kyra was doing all of that, Lydia would turn beat red in the face from screaming so hard because she was tired and not in her crib and HOW DARE HER FATHER AND I INCONVENIENCE HER SO all while the passerby's looked at me like, what in the world did you do to piss her off so much? and one even had the guts to ask, well, is she hungry? to which I gouged her eyes out and said no, bitch, she's tired but thanks for that thought, I wouldn't have thought to feed my child without your help.

Okay, maybe it didn't go down quite like that... at least not on my end of the conversation, but Lydia's roll in the whole hysterics of it was fabulous enough that I just had to take a picture:
But we all, ultimately, survived Dutch Wonderland and made plans to head to the Philly Zoo the next day.
Where I found out that Kyra is getting tall enough to be able to step up on the railing and achieve just enough height that she could look over the railings without having to be lifted every 5 seconds:
And Lydia decided she liked looking at caged animals much better then watching her sister have all the fun on kiddie rides:
It was a wonderful weekend. With wonderful company. And in a bit over a month, I'm determined we're going to do something else, just as fun and adventurous. The sad part is, we'll be missing a few of the people that made this weekend so great:
Thanks for joining us on our vacation Candace, Chris and Navaeh. We had a wonderful time.

Now, does anyone want to join us for the next adventure? I don't know where we're going but I'm determined we're going to get there as a family.


  1. We'll come!!!

    LOL @ Lydia, poor munchkin, I know how that goes!! Thankfully we don't have a sleep problem with Nyki and she'll sleep anywhere (though she does rant a bit to let us know she's tired and is unhappy she has to sleep in the pram AGAIN) but jeez with Kira? Yeah she wouldn't sleep anywhere except her crib and we used to get stares all the time. LOL.

    Awesome photos, I love the rides Kyra went on and how cute are her piggy tails!?

  2. Hey if you want to plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains between Christmas and New Years, that's where I'll be!

    These pictures are adorable, poor Lydia - she is really red! I'm glad I get to enjoy the scenery and looking at the girls have fun without having to listen to all of that screaming :)

  3. very jealous and i would love to go on the next family adventure as long as i dont have to bring my whole family what im saying is cailey and i are game if its within the budget

  4. Erica- You know, just today Jer said he wanted to go to Australia for our next trip. I told he we were going to stay with you. Hope your ready for us when we get there! (which will be AFTER we win the lottery!)

    Lindsey- Her red face against her white hand was the whole reason I took that picture. She was screaming so hard I think she forgot to breathe for a moment there!

    Meagan- We'll be heading to New England's Toxic Crap Hole for the weekend to celebrate Kyra's birthday. If it fits with your schedule and budget, we would LOVE to see you and Cailey again! The weekend after is our next big adventure in the making. Haven't yet figured out what do do that weekend.