Thursday, August 20, 2009

Petite VS Normal

This is Kyra at 20 months:
This is Lydia at 7.5 months:
Did you notice something very similar with these two photos?

Like maybe they're wearing the same shorts?

Shorts that are size 9-12 months?

Now go back and look at how Kyra's thigh DOES NOT fill out the leg hole and how Lydia's um, has a little less room to spare. Go ahead, I'll wait.....

I knew Kyra was a tiny, petite child but this is just CRAZY.


  1. How long until Lydia catches up with her and they're wearing the same size?

  2. kyra is so smalll in that photo...too cute...and lydia is almost those checks...great chipmunk cheeks!

  3. oh my goodness ... i've missed Lydia growing up so much! by the time you get here to visit they'll probably be sharing clothes (which i guess would make your packing easier to do, lol). miss you all!!

  4. Very soon, people will start asking if they are twins. That is what happens with Daniel (small/older) and Caleb (bigger/younger). And then people don't believe me when I tell them they are 18 mon. apart :oP

  5. I've noticed that many times the second child is a lot bigger than the first. It was that way with my sister and myself, and it's that way with a lot of the families at my church. The pattern makes me a little nervous for my second one. Annika was big enough, thank you.

  6. I've noticed that second children are often bigger than firstborn. IT was that with the me and my sister (2 years younger), and it seems to be that way with all the families in my church. I get a little nervous about how big my second-born will be just thinking about it. Annika is plenty big enough. (This might go through twice. I had some trouble with the form).