Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Anatomy of a 2 Mile Walk. Welcome to the Neighborhood Style.

My name is Kyra. You all know me. You all love me. I'll be your tour guide for today. Don't mind the pointless sticking out of tongues. It's how I like to lighten the situation. (and the crowd replies: She really is a well rounded 3 year old. Smart, pretty, AND funny. What a wonderful adventure this will be!)
We started our walk by packing every thing we needed. Hat. Coat. Pretend baby. Blanket. And the wagon, so when I get tired of walking, my chariot awaits me. Oh. And that is Daddy. He's the work horse of our family. Who else do you think is going to pull this thing?
This is our neighborhood. Ain't it pretty? Over there, to the left, you'll see a group of trees flanked by power lines held up off the ground by that lovely looking pole. And to the right? Yep, you guessed it! More trees. Occasionally we'll pass a house or two. Even a collapsed barn! Those are always exciting. And we should have taken pictures of the three legged dog we encountered. He was a bit skittish though. Couldn't imagine it has anything to do with missing a leg.
What's that? What about those people beside me in the picture above? Oh, that's my Mama. She's the glue that holds this family together. What you're seeing in this picture of her ass is how it has not shrunk since the first few weeks of Lydia's birth. She's working on loosing it during these 2 mile walks. Notice how even Lydia is helping Mama loose that extra sag in the rear? If it weren't for her resistance in learning how to walk already, Mama wouldn't have to carry her! But Lydia knows the extra 12 or so pounds she adds will only help with Mama's plight. She's a good daughter that way.

We walked all the way down to the nice lady's house with the horses. She's going to give me riding lessons! I'm really excited. She has 5 horses for me to choose from. And even a little bitty saddle just my size! But Mama didn't think we should take any pictures while we were over there, being that this is only the second time we've talked to these neighbors. But they do seem awfully nice! They said I could come over anytime I wanted to pet the horses. Even if they're not home!

By the time we had to turn around and walk the mile back home, it was starting to get dark. And chilly. So I climbed right into my awaiting chariot, asked very nicely if Mama would wrap me in the blanket because I was cold, and told Daddy it was time to return home. I was cold and hungry. And Baby was really cold too.
Did you like our neighborhood? Truly exciting, huh? I hope you all come back for my next addition: Mama's Ass is Finally Starting to Shrink! Expect it out mid summer. Until then. Bye bye!
(and the crowd cries: We want our money back, damn it! We can look at trees and fat asses in our own neighborhoods!)


  1. Um, your daughter has quite the potty mouth. I blame it on poor parenting...

    You do have a very lovely neighborhood, looks like it is nice and quiet. I wish I could talk Jody into going for walks with me.

  2. Actually, I was thinking you looked pretty good for a mom of two. Riding lessons? I am so jealous.