Saturday, December 06, 2008

How I Spent My Friday Afternoon

So, ya'll, my sweet and kind and incredibly romantic husband *ahem* planned an actual surprise date for just the two of us last week. Babysitter for Kyra and all!

Except that, well, Kyra kinda got a case of the 24 vomit virus. And then followed that with 24 hours of coughing up a lung and streaming phlegm from her nose bug. It was really spectacular timing, I tell ya.

When Jer informed me this past Thursday night that Friday we had a date to go see the movie Australia, I began to hold my breath. Surly Kyra was going to come up with some reason she couldn't be left in the care of others. That would only be natural, right? But she didn't come down with the plague or contract any rogue virus and Jer and I were thrilled when she slept in until 9am Friday morning and even then woke up happy as a June Bug.

I think the Heavens above just might have been smiling down upon us.

We looked up movie times, found one that would work wonderfully for us, 'n then noticed that the movie was nearly 3 hours long. Probably longer, counting the 45 minutes of previews most theaters feel they need to show now'a days. There is no way I can possibly sit that long through anything, much less in a theater that doesn't have reclining seats, a foot rest for my swollen feet or arm rests that raise so maybe I could create my own reclined, foot rest position. We switched our choice of movies over to 4 Christmases.

I swear to God that is one of the best movies I've seen all year. But then again, the only thing I've seen in the theaters this year has been animated and geared towards children.

It was a nice date. Several hours alone, with out the heathen- who was an absolute peach for the babysitter who asked if we could trade children- and I got to actually hold hands with my husband; a rare treat now that Kyra is all about squashing any type of outward show of romance between the two of us.

It was a nice date. Very much enjoyed.

I look back and think that when I first woke up yesterday morning I was truly hoping Kyra would be sick or grumpy and we would have to cancel our date, yet again, because I felt guilty for having to leave Kyra in the care of someone else. But she didn't, so we didn't, and I'm glad and grateful for wonderful friends who offer- without hesitation- to watch Kyra so Jer and I can have a little romance.

I can't help but wonder how long it will be before we have another date. I desperately want to see Australia while it's still in theaters, I just don't know that I can sit still for that long. Maybe Lydia will come soon, and then, maybe then, I'll be able to sit for more then 30 minutes at a time without having to find a new seating positing. I guess only time will tell...

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  1. How cool. Now, if I could only convince myself to do the same.