Monday, December 22, 2008

Exciting Times 'Round Here, I'll Tell You What....

Friday marked a big day for Kyra. We honored her request to go see Santa. As you may remember from last year's experience, things did not go over so well. We did get a gorgeous picture out of it, though.

This year certainly lacked last year's drama. Kyra calmly waited in line until it was her turn and when that time came around she RAN to Santa and clamored onto his lap. Apparently she's no longer afraid.

Wanna know the sweetest part of this year's Santa experience? The only thing she asked Santa for was a toy box for Lydia. All together now..... Awww! How sweet!
The next exciting thing that happened to us came today. I had my 38 week check up. Not only have I lost 4 pounds (go me!) but apparently the Termite has suddenly stopped growing according to the highly trusted system of measuring my belly from my boobs to my ahem. These two things combined earned me the excitement of being shoved on over to the ultrasound tech to get some new measurements on the baby and a check on the fluid in the sack.

Everything turned out to be fabulous in the end. There is no explanation for the weight loss (possible miss weight from the scale 2 weeks ago?) but the reason the Termite measured small was because she has shifted from head down to completely sideways. Apparently I don't need to go into labor after all since she can't come out folded in half. With that said, unless she turns back to the head down position, we'll be delivering c-section no matter what. The fun news is they estimate her weight as of today to be 6lbs 3oz. Significantly smaller then Kyra's birth weight of 8lbs 5oz. I'm not certain exactly what I'll do with a normal sized baby... guess I'll have to wait one more week to find out her actual size. Though this bit of inside knowledge does make it all kinds of fun and exciting.

We did get a new picture out of the deal:
Supposedly there is a face in this photo. I have yet to see it but Jer and the ultra sound tech swear it's there. I think they're both just lying to me and it's probably nothing more then a picture of my empty stomach as it was early in the morning and I hadn't had breakfast.

What do you guys see?


  1. Not seeing a face. Not really seeing much of anything. Are you sure there's a kid in that ultrasound?

    Oh! by the way, I got your Christmas card. Kyra is now smiling at me from my fridge.

  2. I see really large white teeth. Hopefully not your looks like a monster to me. But then again, I can never ever see anything in ultrasounds.

    And thanks for the Christmas card. Kyra is so cute!

  3. I see a bear claw.

    Ouchie. LOL.

    Nyki was interestingly positioned while I was forcefully expelling her, instead of her head being face down (looking at her chest), she was looking straight ahead. Ouchie.

  4. I see her :) Her forehead is to the left right?


  5. goodness gracious, I shouldn't comment at 2am in the morning with a fussy baby, I meant her forehead is to the right, right? Guess it is good I am not driving, you sure you want Lydia to come out? I suppose we could blog together... We can call it "random thoughts and comments of the 2:00am Mommies", hopefully Lydia will sleep better for you than Margaret is doing for me the past couple of days

  6. It is amazing how some ultrasounds are as clear as a picture (take Joelle's "boy parts" picture, and some are so fuzzy it's like making pictures in the clouds. I see an apple core, so your comment about it being your belly seems right on to me (that is if you swallowed an apple core). Well, we'll see the beauty soon enough.