Monday, October 27, 2008

ABC'S - Kyra Style

A B C D E F G! H

Now, you have to be careful, it gets a lil' bit tricky. Okay? It gets a lil' bit tricky.

A B C D E F G! H I

You have to be careful. Member? It gets a lil' bit tricky like two triangles for eyes. *attempting to form triangles with her fingers over her eyes* See, like that! Triangles for your eyes are a lil' bit tricky!

A B C D E F G! H I J K LMNOP! Q R S. T U V. double U X... Y Z Now I know my ABC'S next time you half to sing with me.


  1. That's cute, but am I missing something with the triangles part? What does that mean?

  2. I'm not exactly certain about the triangle thing. My only thought is it's Halloween and she's seen lots of pictures with pumpkins having triangle eyes. If that's not it, then my kid just has a strange imaginations!

  3. I though of pumpkins too, maybe she was getting "tricky" from "trick or treat".

  4. Oh! You could be right! Hadn't thought of that one.