Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink or Blue?

We know the sex of the baby. Any guesses as to what you guys think? Both sides of our family have been crossing their fingers and toes for a boy, so I'm curious what the rest of the population seems to think.

I'll even give you guys some of my pregnancy symptoms (if that's what you call all the going- ons) if you like to go by old wives tales to figure these things out.

- I'm showing all in front.
- The Termite is low. Always jumping and kicking my bladder.
- I want to eat cold/cool foods. Cooked foods are only tolerated, never wanted.
- Fruits and vegetables must never run out in the crisper drawer.
- The sweeter, the better.
- My face only slightly resembles a pre-pubescent teenager. More achene then normal but not resembling a 15 year old boy.

Did that help any of you out? You can ask more questions, if you'd like, and I'll gladly answer non perverted inquires. (covering my bases there in case a creep is quietly stalking in the shadows and chooses now to make an appearance)

Humor me, will ya? Make a guess. And if you already know tell me what you thought or hoped it was before Friday came around.

You have between now and Monday evening to throw your answers out there.


  1. Pregnancy symptoms -- yeah, I don't have much faith in those. If mine had panned out, I would have had a small, hairy, boy. Not so much. But before I saw the ultrasound, I thought you were going to have aboy, just b/c you called it "termite."

  2. Hmmm! I obviously can't play this game. However, the picture is super clear and the "termite" is super cute! :)

  3. I'm going to guess girl.

    I'm all in front as well (have been the entire time, and mine's sat low for the majority of the pregnancy. She's starting to spread upward now that there's bugger all room, but my food habits were a lot different to yours.

    Will you tell us if we were right or wrong, or are you going to make us wait til January?! :D

  4. I totally guess Girl because I was over the top with fruits vegatables and sweets for both girls! that and i was all out in front too! plus girls are fun so my guess is just that girl! A boy would be nicce too though, and isn't it so nice to know?

    take care can't wait to hear what termite is!


  5. the acne part makes me say boy b/c the extra testosterone is known to do that with women carrying boys...but you had a fruit kick and sweets thing with kyra too i remember. and i can't see anything except what looks to be a baby with its knees held in tight...i'm so happy you guys were able to find out this go around.

  6. I'm going for a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You should hurry up and let us all know! This anticipation of knowing stinks!!!!!



  7. Monday, Monday. I'll post it Monday evening after Kyra goes down for the night!

    Though, (Aussie) Erica, I had thought about making you guys wait until January, but frankly, I can't hold my excitement that long. LoL!

  8. LOL well I'm glad cause I would have been going nuts with the wait!!!!

  9. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails-that's what little boys are made of! (Or are you too young to know that saying?)

  10. I'm going to go boy...but just because one boy and one girl would be nice. and I know Gayla is a smart cookie

  11. I'm going to guess a boy too just because I like symmetry.

  12. I guess my vote will be for a little boy. So mkae way for the trucks and tractors!!