Monday, August 11, 2008

Difference Between Pregnancies: Kyra vs. the Termite

Differences between Kyra and Termite thus far:

-Kyra wanted pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By the truckload at any and all times of the day would have suited her just fine. To this day, she is a pineapple addict. Termite truly enjoys tomatoes. In a salad, eaten like an apple, sliced up as a side for supper- it matters not to the Termite. Give me a tomato right. now. or suffer the pregnancy hormones.

- Kyra made me look nothing but fat from week 15 on. I never felt glowing and pregnant, more like a walrus waddling my way through life. The Termite has created a cute little (yet growing quickly) pregnant bump since week 17. The only thing jiggling here is my thighs and, lets face it, that's been the norm for many years now.

- Kyra was all up and in my rib cage starting week 22. To this day, Little Miss is still all up and in my business. Termite has been doing karate chops to my uterus and acrobatics on my bladder beginning week 18. Clearly not going to be forgotten or pushed aside as It already demands to be noticed. Kyra's going to have a run for her money when Termite arrives.

-Kyra's pregnancy was never ending. Seriously. The shit just dragged on and on and on and on and on and..... you get the idea. The Termite's pregnancy will be half over in one week. Where the hell has the time gone? Not that I'm complaining. The faster the pregnancy goes, the quicker we'll be moving the fuck out of the Mason Dixon Line. Oh, ya, and the faster the Termite will make it's appearance. Guess I shouldn't put that on the back burner, huh?

-Kyra's nick name was It the entire pregnancy. I tried to call her Parasite but Jer didn't quite appreciate the name very much. Clearly he didn't see the situation from my point of view. The Termite has two names, Fetus or Termite, given whatever pops out of my mouth at the time. No rhyme or reason, just what ever comes to mind. And Jer hasn't protested either.

So there you go. I can't help but wonder what new differences the coming months will bring.


  1. So is this pregnancy better than the last one? Does it change your mind about the actual process of having children?

  2. So is Termite the official new name? Funny stuff. As long as you can keep the food down, keep the writing up.

  3. I hear you. I had two girls and my pregnancies were vastly different!

    I have to giggle at the term "termite"