Sunday, June 08, 2008

How Did You Spend Your Saturday?

Wanna know what you do when the entire Atlantic side of the country in under a massive heatwave?

Nothing. You do absolutely nothing.

Except give your child free reign to watch whatever movie she wants to over and over and over and over and over again. Because that's the only thing you can do with a kid who as adamant about playing outside when the weather is busy setting record high temperatures- 101* on Saturday!

Oh, but we did do something new and exciting during Saturday's heatwave. We took Kyra to see her very first movie in the theaters, Kung Fu Panda. The whole experience was a hit with Kyra. A great, big, giant screen. Surround sound set way to loud. A large Hi-C for her and Jeremy to share. And a bag of pop corn she held on her lap as she double fisted it into her mouth.

After the movie, it was back home. To watch more movies and do more of nothing. Exciting life we lead, huh?

Don't worry. There was more excitement to our day. The Steri-Strips holding Kyra's chin together... came completely off. They weren't supposed to come off until Tuesday. We've been trying to coax them into holding their grip to Kyra's face as they've been slowly peeling and curling away (or, maybe quickly is a better way of looking at it).

The problem is, they "dissolve" when wet. And by dissolve, I mean they loose their glue, and hold, to your skin. And putting dissolving strips on the chin of a 2 year old is not the best idea if you expect them not to be a messy eater, even with the driest of meals.

So, anyway, we were eating dinner last night and noticed there was a pocket forming between her face and the second Band-Aid we applied on the top, under her lip, in desperation to hold the damned things on. In this pocket Kyra started to collect her food. Rice, pieces of asparagus, you get the idea.

After supper I called Kyra over, took a peek, and noticed, Hey! I can see Kyra's wound! Off came the Band-Aid, and the Steri-Strips and this is what I found:

Yep, that's Kyra's war wound. In all its bloody and oozy glory. Though this picture was taken after I cleaned up all of its dried, caked on blood and food particles she had stashed IN THE WOUND!

Then it started seeping blood and oozing clear stuff all over again. (side note: we've noticed that every day we've pulled off and replaced the Band-Aid that it has yet to stop bleeding)

I ordered Jeremy to take a picture and send it to the MIL and asked her to put on her nursing cap and tell me how to close this thing back up. She says it can't be done. The stuff on the edges of the wound? That's where it's already trying to heal itself. Once that starts you can't pinch it back together. All we can do is clean it with peroxide every day to dry it out, Band-Aid it over and wait for it to scab up.

Scab, that's such a yucky word.

That's what we're doing. The bad part of all of this is she's going to have one ugly scar. The Steri-Strips were just going to make it a basic line, now its all big and gaping and eww.

I guess the truly bad part is now we really really really have to keep her face impeccably clean. Don't want an infection to set in. If that happened, then I'd be forced to take more gruesome pictures to show you all.

Oh, but I guess the good part (because when looking on the bad side, might as well find the good) is that all you see open there used to be on the inside of her face... and it used to look like hamburger meat. And although the inside of her face is now on the outside, it no longer resembles hamburger. So that's got to be a good thing, right?


  1. awww... well I am glad that it is bette and thanks for the picture. I am glad she liked going to the movies! Was the movie good for adults? I was thinking about taking Robby.

  2. We spent our Saturday dodging raindrops. Our weather has finally decided to move from cloudy to cloudy/stormy. (It usually does this in March/April/early May.) Now, it rains frequently here, but it doesn't usually rain that hard. I'd just planted some herbs in a window planter, and I had to go out and rescue them from drowning.

    The chin looks good. I've recovered from lots of owies that looked like that, and I haven't got any obvious scars from them. If you're worried about infection, there are ointments that you can put on owies like that to keep them protected. Neosporin is the most well known.

  3. YUCK! That looks quite painful! Here's to hoping next Saturday is less eventful.

    Our Saturday stunk!

  4. Hey Lici! What's up? This is just s suggestion for Kyra's owie. You might try getting the edges real wet, the maybe cutting them or clipping them off with something sterile, of course. Then, try to close it back up. This may be best left for Jeremy to do and of course, while she is asleep. Also, try Cortaid, Cortizone something like that. Neosporin left a scar on me with just a slight cut. Cortizone/aid is also good for bad sunburns if one of you get one. Jennifer's pediatrician told me that when she was burnt so bad she blistered. No scars on her from that today. Hope it helps! Barbara