Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Woman's Job

Jeremy informed me today that folding clothes was woman's work.

This is the same guy who no longer does the dishes or wipes the counter tops that he destroys or clean the bathroom.

He also doesn't empty his own lunch box, makes his own breakfast, lunch or supper.

Nor does he vacuum the floors, take out the trash, dust the furniture or do the laundry.

Apparently all that stuff must be woman's work too.

But I'm tired of complaining to him. I'm done begging him for his help. And I'm over hearing about how tired he is every night but manages to have enough energy to muster a 2+ hour computer game session because that is how he relaxes. Laying on the couch with me watching mindless television is apparently too much work for him.

I even asked him yesterday to just be with me and he declined stating playing his game is how he relaxes. Yep, I'm #1, most important person in his life. Don't you wish we could stand in my shoes?

So I'm turning over a new leaf. Let him go to work then come home, give the kid a bath and, after we put her to bed, hop on the computer for the next several hours. I will not utter another word of disapproval in his direction.

I guess its time I get back to doing the 1950s version of a woman's job. All the work, none of the thanks because, apparently, this is my lot in life.

I really hate how he, sometimes, makes me feel like my life is meaningless.


  1. Have you talked to him about it?

    Other option - hire a cleaning service.

    I did :)

  2. I've talked to the back of his head, but that has seemed to get us nowhere. Can't imagine why.

    Cleaning service, eh? What a fabulous idea!

  3. Ughh! Must be a man thing. I could just die if I hear one more time "but, I worked all day!" Hmm, I guess I just sit around all day twiddling my thumbs while some magic fairy comes to change, bathe, feed, entertain YOUR daughter!

    Oi! Cleaning service would be great, huH!

  4. Hey Alicia...this is Joe in Atlanta (my wife is Tina), Anyway...

    Jeremy...WTF DUDE??!! You think you're the only one there working everyday? Lose the cro-magnon attitude man! Being a stay at home Mom is DANM HARD work! You better get the news that NO F&%^*NG COMPUTER GAME is more important than your relationship with your wife! JEZ!! Am I the only guy who GETS IT that my wife works every bit as hard as I do and that it is my responsibility to help out around the house and BY GOD DO NOT come home and add to her work load?!?!

    Get with the program Jer! You should be thaking GOD that you come home every night to a beautiful, smart, HEALTHY baby girl and a loyal, faithful, BEAUTIFUL wife who writes about the joys and pains of raising up your daughter on this blog while you are out on the boat...she could be dumping your kid off somewhere and heading down to the club for some extra curricular activity instead! Saw plenty of that when I was in the Canoe Club! Count your blessing friend...and shake the stupid shit out of your head and get on board! It's what you signed on for when you said "I DO"!

    (Joe smacks Jer across the back of his head as he steps down off his soap box...)