Sunday, May 18, 2008

Car Maitnance = A Man's Job

Jeremy told me today for the 800,000,000 time that my oil is 3000 miles past its scheduled change and that I NEED to get it changed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't car maintenance listed under a man's job?

Aside from that, we take my car to the dealership to get the oil changed because we enjoy paying way too much money for such things. The last item on my list of things to do today is not to lug my kid to the dealership and attempt to entertain her for 1-4 hours while the Ford people take their sweet little time draining my oil pan. I'd really rather stick my finger in a light socket.

I pointed this out to him today. For which he said I should just ask one of my friends to follow me down there while I drop my car off, then haul my ass around town, then wait with me and my off spring until Ford feels like calling me to tell me the job is done, then hauling my ass right back down to the dealership and stay in the car with my kid who probably won't have a nap and will thus completely forget her manners so that I may wait to be helped by some fat slob behind the counter to recognize that Oh, there's a person waiting here tapping her foot in a testy manner because she might just have better things to do then wait for me to stop chatting up This Dude on the latest and greatest towing packages we can add to This Dude's truck.

Not to mention that I just seem to forget until I'm either in the car traveling to another expected appointment or its the end of the pay period and, frankly, we just don't have the money until next paycheck.

And then the vicious cycle starts all over again.

When I also pointed out to Jeremy that he was the one who, two Wednesday's ago, stated he was going to follow me down the dealership two Saturday's ago so we may drop off the car and have it's oil changed and guess what? He forgot. As did I.

But, hey, its okay that he forgets this kind of stuff because he works all day and can't be bothered to remember such trivial things about my car.

I held my breath to remind him that I've been keeping my womanly tasks in check. He has yet to run out of food, dishes or clean underwear.


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  2. If folding clothes, preparing meals, etc is a woman's job, then changing the oil in a car is definitely a man's job.

    Shouldn't most men know how to change oil themselves? If he expects you to be the maid, the chef, and everything else, the least he could do is learn how to change oil. Would save you both time and money. And if he is not willing to do so, I don't see why you should continue to prepare his meals and clean his underwear. He's willing to waste money paying someone else to change the oil, why not waste more paying someone to cook and clean for you.

  3. I'm inclined to agree with you. If there is going to be segregation of labor, he should definitely take up the man's side of the deal. Nowhere in history has the man been completely excused from care for the castle and its attendant responsibilities. And traditionally, that includes maintaining the cars and taking out the trash.

  4. I agree with Lindsey, even though the roles are reversed at my house and I don't cook or clean I will change the oil if needed. But then again, I will do anything if needed.