Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Needed: Good Night of Sleep

I have just been too tired to write. It isn't like there's nothing to write about, I'm just so darn tired I can't think strait.

This is how it's been the last 5 days...

-Jeremy is like a fucking furnace when he sleeps. A red hot furnace that is just on fire. But that's not even the worst part. We have to have a fan pointed directly at us, on full blast creating a wind tunnel effect in my ears. Jeremy, meanwhile, has to flip-n-flop, toss-n-turn and huff-n-puff because he's too hot.

Um, can you try not sleeping under the down blanket then?

He doesn't take the hint. I end up buying a thin little blanket for our bed. Entire process repeats itself only this time I freeze my little tu'kus off because I don't have a down blanket to hide under anymore.

- Several mornings this week Kyra has decided 6:30 is a good time to start our day because *whispering* "Mommy. Mommy? Mr. Sunshine awake. See? Mr. Sunshine awake. I need to watch TV."

- When Kyra isn't waking me up at 6:30 she's instead waking me up at 3, 3:15, 4, and again at 4:30 because she either has to go potty (and when I take her she does nothing) or is scared of the Cookie Monster. No, not the Sesame Street character. Her Cookie Monster is the equivalent of your Boogie Man.

- With Kyra waking up 18 times a night the dogs too are up 23 times a night, hopping on my side of the bed trying to covey to me Is it breakfast time? Is it time to eat? I'm hungry. Can we go outside? I think I could use a pee break right now. Why do you keep telling us to go back to bed when you're the one getting up and down all night?

The funny but not so funny part about all of this is Jer comes home most days complaining about how tired he is and how hard he's working pushing papers all day and damn it, I had the mid watch and I'm tired!

Ha! I wish I could complain about a few paper cuts and working 4 hours in the middle of the night every 4 days. Must be nice.


  1. Better come back out to Cornhusker country, it is still cold here at night!! He he, guess its almost always cool here at night! Good sleeping weather under blankies!! Hugs, Trish

  2. Aww.. Man!! Duane is a furnace, too.

    Hope you all get some much needed zz's!

  3. they just don't understand that caring for the munchkins all day long (meaning 24 hours) can be tiring too ... and we don't get days off!