Saturday, May 31, 2008

Best Weekly Conversation: Drunken Mistakes

Kyra: What's that? *pointing to Jeremy's tribal tattoo across his shoulder blades*
Me: That's Daddy's drunken mistake.
Kyra: I want a drunken mistake!
Jer and Myself: *not stifling laughter very well*
Jer: No drunken mistakes for you until you're 38
Kyra: But I want one!


  1. LOL! Cute! Duane has a drunken mistake on his arm.. Ha! I have a " I am 18 and my Mom would just die mistake on my ankle!"

  2. Jody has an ex's nickname ("Sweetie") tattooed on his arm. He claims it was not a drunken mistake, but I think deep down he regrets it.

  3. ROFL

    That is so something one of my kids would say. Priceless.