Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 Things..... Meme

I've been quite busy lately having my mother in town and all. We've ran around the Mason Dixon Line doing things like visiting the Zoo, picking strawberries, canning strawberry jam (okay, not so much me but I did watch my mom do the canning), traveling to Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg, eating really bad-for-you food at the Strawberry Festival and watching the Amtrak trains come and go with Kyra as we picked up and dropped off my mother.

And now I'm tired and brain dead all over again.

So thanks to Jennifer, I have something easy to post about! More useless information I know you were all dying to know about yours truly!

3 Places I Go All the Time
-the zoo
-Kyra's tumbling class
-the grocery store

3 People Who Email Me
-DSW Shoes
-the penis enlargement people

3 Favorite Places I Like to Eat
-McDonald's- seriously, the fruit and yogurt parfait and french fry combination off the dollar menu has been yummy in my tummy lately
-Subway- mmm... I heart Subway!
-Panara Bread- soups, salads, sandwiches? Who can go wrong with that? And their lemonade? Ahhh...

3 Places I would rather be right now
-the Sunshine State
-the Sunshine State
-our own dream house on 10+ acres of tree covered land in the Sunshine State

3 Projects I would like to get started
-Project get back into my size 6 pants
-Project lets get the fuck out of the Navy already
-Project send Jeremy to common sense/sensitivity training school

3 People who might do this

3 TV Shows I could watch over and over
-John and Kate Plus 8
-Little People Big World
-Ghost Hunters


  1. Ah, my heart is broken. one of three places you would rather be isn't the Cornhusker state?? LOL

  2. too cute! About to go do mine!