Monday, April 07, 2008

The First Six Months

My longest running BFF asked me to post some pictures of Kyra when she was wittle-itty-bitty and because I'm a doting mother and think my kid was just the cutest thing to ever grace this world, how could I not oblige?

I've mentioned it before, but Kyra never slept as a baby for more then a quick, pick me up, cat nap. This was one of them. She was a week old here.

Her first Halloween at one month.
First Thanksgiving at two months. I have many pictures of her cat napping with things over her head. It was her thing and I thought it was just so damned cute.
First Christmas at three months. No she did not suck her thumb, she chewed on it. To this day she still curls her thumb in her mouth and chews on it.

At four months and the little terror started scooting. Backwards, always backwards.
Five months? The little shit started to pull up. She still didn't crawl in a forward motion but she could stand with very little support.
Six months. She is just so damned cute I could eat her. She was stock full of personality. Even then she was a little sassy pants. I think she was trying to convey the message "Hey, why the hell do you keep taking pictures of me in the bath? Can a girl get some privacy?"
Ah, I miss those days. Anyone want to offer me their newborn so I can do it all over again?


  1. It amazes me how much they change in as little as a year! She was damn cute! I remeber! I think she started our baby itch! I cannot say I will lend you my new born, but you can sure borrow my Sassy two year old any flipping time you want! WELL, I take that back there will probably be days when you can have both of them!! grrrr can you tell it has been an early morning! Anyhow hope all is well! Take care!

  2. She has the biggest, brightest eyes. So cute.

  3. Seriously, she is adorable- I am seriously amazed how fantastic her motor skills were/are. Shoot, wan't that kid walking at 9 months? Kenzie scoots off her blanket now- on her back with it arched it the air- nutty kid- she only goes backwards,too!

    Bias to bright eyed babies- but she sure is a beauty!! Oh, and Kenzie has that exact same pack and play(that she still sleeps in our room with- Mama has attachment issues!)LOL!!

    Keep em' coming! Think I'll do a first 6 month post here soon- as Kenzie turns 6 months at the end of May. Please tell me they slow down?!

  4. aww, she was/is adorable!

  5. I love the baby stage!! And omg how gorgeous is that last shot - look at her eyes!! She's the cutest button EVER.