Monday, April 21, 2008

Curbing Hunger

I've been paying closer attention to what Jer and I are consuming lately because my "fat" jeans are starting to get tight and Jer's 36" waist is, well, still 36 inches but his tire just above the waist has seemed to inflate all by itself in the last 6 months.

Our latest trend for the whole healthier eating habits have been peanuts. They say peanuts help curb your hunger.
I beg to differ.


  1. I love those things, too. But, would speculate that all that added salt make one retain water..

    BTW, didn't mention it in my blog cause I forgot- but you've been tagged my friend!

  2. Lisa beat me to it - peanuts are filling, but the salt (if there is any) is probably not helping.

  3. 6 walnuts 30 minutes before a meal is suppose to help you not eat as much. Also if you put flax seeds in your diet they will help break down fat. It contains omega 3's. You can add grind them and add them to baking or I just eat them by themselves. they are actually pretty good.

  4. I've always reads peanuts are high in fat which is why you shouldn't eat so much of them. Take it with a grain of salt though - I don't eat them as I don't much like the taste.

    Eating an apple about an hour (roughly) before your meals also curbs your appetite, but really what worked so well for me, was eating small meals all throughout the day instead of just waiting for the normal three. Well, that and drinking about 2L of water everyday (no joke!).

    I'm so looking forward to getting rid of all my pregnancy weight again - I miss working out like I used to. :(