Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All Thanks to Texas Roadhouse

First there was a giant armadillo walking around that Kyra kept calling a Mal'a Dildo. I laughed like a 12 year old little boy and egged her on to say it again.

Then she came home with a balloon shaped like a rocking horse. In the restaurant, the tail was standing up. When we came home, something else was standing up....
And I didn't notice until after I snapped this picture of Kyra showing off.

I should really start a savings account for Kyra's therapy bill when she gets older, shouldn't I?

Think she'll be scarred for life as an adult when she finds this blog and reads the stories I share with the public?


  1. LOL! Poor kid!! But seriously why did the balloon maker inlude that part of the horses body? Seriously, I laughed out loud as you posed it on her little head!!

    On a clean note- like her little ladybug. Our Roadhouse NEVER has stuff like that!

  2. The balloon man made it with a tail, and when we got home- I'm sure from Kyra playing with it in the car- the tail had apparently fallen down. I was busy taking pictures of her playing with it long before I ever noticed the difference! And she's the one who put it on her head, because that's what the balloon man did that to make her laugh.

    It was a series of innocent events that turned out just so wrong in the end. LoL.

  3. Uh, where do you live!? They cancel school for the "snow storm", and restaurants are giving out dildos and anatomically correct horses!?

  4. Oh my god, I am dying laughing!!!! That is hilarious!