Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exlusive Sneak Peek

Her name is Kyra, future rock star. Sometimes referred to as Booger Bear, Snot Face, Silly Girl and Beautiful. One day she will amaze the masses with her Xylophone jamming, instrument tossing, rock out singing and dancing skills in arenas across the world.

Feel privileged you have the chance to witness such an amazing star in the making.

I present to you, Kyra singing Bundle Bees.
(and the crowd goes wild, yaaaa!)


  1. Too cute! Even rockstars need to be reminded by Mama that we don't throw things. She was just getting in the spirit of her rock and roll debut.


  2. No, no....rock stars are suppose to throw things! How is she going to learn how to trash a hotel room if you tell her not to throw things!

  3. i can see the video ... discovered it earlier this afternoon and Rachel had to watch "Kyr sing bumble bees" over and over and over and ... you get the idea. too cute!!

  4. LOL! What a cute little rock star! And I agree with Lindsey, rock stars should definitely be able to throw things.