Sunday, November 18, 2007

Age Appropriate Toys

I am really quite anal retentive about age appropriate toys for Kyra. I'm a pretty big believer that the posted ages are accurate as far as age appropriate and skill level are concerned.

There are some exceptions to the rule, like she has a kitchen set and several cabbage patch dolls that are for ages 3 and up. But off hand, I think that is all she owns that doesn't have a 2 or under age recommendation.

But there is this toy Jeremy and I are considering asking Santa bring her for Christmas. The VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera seems to be the perfect alternative to Kyra playing with my camera. It's toddler proof, takes decent pictures, and is has high recommendations from other parents.

The thing is, it's for ages 3 and up. Is the 3 and up because it's going to be too complicated for Kyra to understand the concept of point and shoot, or are there little lead painted parts Kyra's just going to stick in her mouth and ingest? (yes, she still puts everything in her mouth)

My mind is going, Hmm.. it says 3 and up for a reason, just wait another year. But my desperate wanting for her to leave my camera alone but not squish her enthusiasm for taking pictures says I should suck it up and get it for her... and if she doesn't get the hang of it in the beginning she. will. learn.

So what do I do, bend my own age appropriate toy rules and have Santa bring a really cool camera or put it off for one more year, until then keep a careful eye on her while she plays with my really expensive camera?


  1. My thought on it (which is based very little in actual facts) is that the recommendations have more to do with skill level and concept understanding. The average two year old won't know how to point/shoot/and review pictures but the average three year old might start to understand it.

    As far as the lead paint thing- toys aren't supposed to have them period so I don't think age plays a factor in that.

    Also, I think there is a distinct possibility that the toy companies paid tons of money to have research done on how best to separate the toys by ages to ensure they made the most profit.

    If it were my I would buy it. In fact, LM has a little toy computer to play on because my laptop is off limits. He doesn't understand 80% of what it actually does but he LOVES it and I LOVE that he isn't all into mine.

    Just my two cents :)

  2. i think Kyra is brighter than the average 2-year-old and that she would do fine with this camera. the age suggestion is is just that ... a suggestion. just my opinion.

  3. I think you would be ok with the toddler camera, give it a good look over to make sure there are no parts that would "easily" break off and be swallowed. I think the first comment was right in that most of the recommendatins are for skill level. But, if she is playing with your camera, there are small parts on that, that could potentially more dangerous than those designed on a camera made for a 3 year old! ok I am rambling I say have santa bring the darn thing! But maybe keep a close on it the first couple of times she plays with it! Isabella ate butt paste this weekend!!!!! she survived! hehe anyway hope all is well!


  4. I agree with Erica. As long as you look it over well to make sure it will be safe for her. Kyra is more advanced than the average two year old and will learn, as she plays with her new camera, besides.

  5. I say go for it. I bought Hayden the Kid Tough digital camera from Fisher Price last year for Christmas and it does NOT have small parts and is able to take quite the beating(The commerical shows it being thrown down a flight of stairs, lol). Plus, if she's playing with your digi cam I am sure that age limit must be more that 3 and up, right?

    Have fun shopping! I think she'd love it!


  6. I agree with everyone else. I think you should go for it and I'm sure she will love it. And, you can post some of the random pictures that she ends up taking for our entertainment!

  7. She seems to handle your camera all right. None of those pieces have come off in her mouth. If that's your only worry, I'd say go ahead.